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We have been serving the greater Orlando area for over 40 years!

We service the greater Orlando area as well as New Symrna, Deland, Deltona and Lady Lake

No! We use only company employees that are covered by our million dollar liability policy as well as workers compensation. You don’t want to do business with anyone who has waived themselves from Workers Compensation. Many times small 1 or 2 man company’s will waive themselves from Workers Comp. while this is legal, what does this mean for the home owner? Without Workers Compensation there is a chance the home owner could be sued if the extent of the workers injury is severe enough to keep them from working for a while.

We give a 3 year warranty on our workmanship with every job.

We always give estimates for free!

Check to see how long the company has been in business. Standard rule of thumb is you don’t want to do business with a company if they have not been around for at least 10 years. Sad part is most businesses go out of business within the first 5 years. So that warranty you just got might not be good a couple years down the road. Also check to see if the company has changed their name recently. This is a red flag. You have to wonder why someone would change the name of their business. Usually this means some sort of legal troubles or to many complaints. When you ask if they have insurance or are licensed the should be willing to give you copies of this info on the spot. Ask to see proof of everything they have told you about when the business began and who it is insured by. If there is any hesitation you might want to do some more research. Check the Better Business Bureau and Angie’sList as these two are reported on by the consumer.

We do everything the safest way possible and according to OSHA standards. This means DO NOT LET ANYONE CLIMB ON OR WALK ACROSS THE TOP OF YOUR POOL CAGE! All roof panels are done from extension ladders and walk boards across the pool. Your cage is not meant to be walked on and NO COMPANY’S INSURANCE COVERS THEM TO ALLOW THEIR EMPLOYEES TO DO SO! For your own protection DO NOT LET ANYONE WALK ON YOUR POOL CAGE!

We use only construction grade quality materials. We use only THE BEST quality screen produced. There are a couple other products out there that come with a nice sales tactic. Please don’t buy into the propaganda of these other products. There is a reason our screens have been the leading product in this industry for years and it is because they make the most durable and quality product. If you have received an estimate for a different type of screen, please call us and we’d be glad to explain this in further detail.

We are open Monday-Friday from 8am-5:30pm. We have a 24hr answering service with live operators as well. Feel free to call us when ever you like as we will get your message anytime of day!

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