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How In-Ground Sprinkler Systems Can Save Money!

In-ground sprinkler systems can cost a bit of money upfront, but if you want to keep your lawn and plants looking great through the summer heat, there is no better way and save money at the same time! According to HomeAdvisor, the average installation cost of an in-ground sprinkler system is about $2,400. This seems steep, but when you think about how much you save on the average water bill by using it as opposed to a regular old dumb sprinkler, it can add up to the tune of $100 or more a month!

There are a few ways in-ground sprinkler systems save you money.

They Use Less Water

This is logical, but in-ground sprinkler systems use much less water than regular sprinklers attached to your hoses. By measuring the amount of water required per day that your plants, shrubs and lawn require, we can specifically tailor your system by zone. This is far more water efficient than simply leaving a waterfall sprinkler going for 30 minutes on your lawn, especially when you consider that you can often forget about it all together. Less water means less zeroes on your bill.


They Water At Appropriate Times

Many people don’t realize that plants are not like humans. They don’t want water in the hottest part of the day, mostly, because they don’t end up with much of it. When the sun is blaring down and the heat is intense, a high percentage of the water that sprays from sprinklers and lands on the ground will evaporate. The best time to water your plants is right around 4:30 – 5:00 a.m. Are you going to get up and start up your sprinkler then? Of course not! That’s what makes in-ground systems perfect. Again, watering at appropriate times means more efficient use of water and using less means lower bills.


They Water In Short Bursts

Thirty minutes of straight deluge once a week doesn’t work for plants. The best type of watering for plants is a slow, consistent drip watering for a few minutes each day. Simply watering them full out for thirty seconds won’t do it. More importantly, all plants aren’t created the same. We can help you tailor your system so you can control how much water comes out of each sprinkler in each zone and for how long based upon the types of plants that are planted there. Your regular sprinkler simply cannot do that. Again, efficient use of water = less money.

They Water Exactly Where and When They Need Too

How many times have you setup your sprinkler only to have to reset it a few hundred times because its watering the street or cement or the side of your house? Your in-ground system simply won’t do that. Better still, we can help you setup your system to water certain plants less frequently. If an area of your landscape has succulents that only need water a few times a year, the sprinklers can avoid that area entirely except when they need water.


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They Offer Multiple Options

We often think about straight water spray sprinklers and these are the most popular. However, we can install a wide variety of options, including rotor heads, shrub style, pop-up, stationary, halo, drip hoses, and many more. We’ll work with you to determine which is best for each zone of your landscape. Selecting the appropriate sprinkler for your area means more efficient use of water – lower bills!



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