How to Increase Sprinkler Distance

You’re pleased with your sprinkler system and your landscape is thanking you for the nice, healthy drink it’s getting each morning. However, there’s that one corner of the yard that you’re not getting – how can you increase your sprinkler distance? There are a variety of different ways to increase your sprinkler distance – let’s check out a few.


Adjust Your Sprinkler Heads to Increase the Distance


Your existing sprinkler heads are very likely adjustable and can be changed to hit different areas of your landscape. This includes how wide the spray is, the radius at which the sprinklers rotate, and the physical distance of the spray itself. Each sprinkler head is different, but the most common are small, plastic heads that pop out of inlets when the system is activated. These sprinkler heads have a single outlet at one end which allows the water to escape at high pressure. Generally, the top of the head can be removed, revealing a small screw that can be adjusted.


Is Water Pressure the Culprit of your Sprinkler Distance Woes?


You may need to check your water pressure to ensure that your sprinklers are achieving their maximum distance. If there is just one sprinkler head that doesn’t seem to be going as far as the others, you may have a clogged line. If the entire system is falling short of what you expected, you may have a backflow preventer problem or simply low water pressure.


Need to Increase Sprinkler Distance? Change the sprinkler.


You want to make sure you’re using the right sprinkler for the right job. There are a wide variety of sprinklers available to consumers. There are many that can shoot water long distances and others that specialize in flooding small areas. Trying to get a short range sprinkler to fire a long distance simply won’t work. Make sure that your sprinkler is the best equipment for the job you’re looking to complete.

Changing a sprinkler is no problem at all, particularly if you already have a system installed in the area. In many cases, it could be as simple as changing the head of the sprinkler, with no excavation at all. In some more complicated cases, changing the sprinkler could require attaching a new sprinkler to the existing pipe. Either way, you’ll be glad you did – effectively watering all areas of your landscape is important to ensuring you have happy plants.


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