Spring Checklist for Your Sprinkler System

As the warm days approach, it’s the perfect time to run down a checklist to make sure your in-ground sprinkler system is running in tip-top shape. Hopefully, you’ve already started up your system for the year, but if you haven’t or if you’ve just flipped the on switch and started using it, take a step back and follow the simple steps below to keep your in-ground sprinkler system humming along all summer long.


Inspect your Sprinkler Heads


No matter what type of sprinkler head you have, it’s important that you physically inspect each one to ensure that it is not obstructed or broken in any way. Sprinkler heads are designed to take wear and tear, but lawn mowers, feet and errant balls can cause damage. Additionally, cold weather can wreak havoc on your heads and drip tubes. Ensure that the heads of your sprinklers are free of dirt and debris and the area where the water exits the head is no cracked or misshapen. Inspect your drip tubes (if they are readily accessible) to ensure they are not cracked.


Inspect your Control Device


Do the batteries need changing? Power still work? Are there cobwebs all over the place? Dust it off, switch it on and make sure the control device still works as it should. Ensure the device still detects the rain sensor – you don’t want to waste money by running your system in a downpour.


Turn on the Water…Slooooowly


When turning on the main water valve to your system after a long period of inactivity, it can come through the piping with a great deal of air bubbles. The sudden increase in pressure creates a phenomenon called a “water hammer,” which can crack pipes and severely damage valves and sprinkler heads, potentially costing thousands of dollars to repair. Opening your main valve slowly will keep this from occurring.


Check Where The Water is Spraying


Many things can cause your sprinkler heads to move and shift where they are directing the water. Ensure that they are still watering the areas you want watered. Have you planted anything new since you last used your system? Make sure you’re using the appropriate amount of water and timing for those plants.



Give Us A Call!


Our convenient maintenance plans can help you get your system ready. We’ll run all the checks for you so you don’t need to worry about a thing. We’ll also pop back when the weather gets cool and “winterize” your system to keep it safe and secure during the chilly months.



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