Sprinkler Heads Won’t Pop Up

You wake up one morning only to find large puddles on your lawn where there should be neat, tidy streams of water flowing from your sprinkler heads. If your sprinkler heads won’t pop-up, you could be dealing with a whole host of different issues. There are a few easy things you can check.


Check Your Sprinkler Head Valves


If your sprinkler heads won’t pop up, you could be dealing with a pressure issue. If it’s the beginning of the year, you may need to adjust your main pressure valve after having it off for much off the winter. Ensure you’re opening the valve slowly to avoid water hammer, a phenomenon of air in the pipes that can cause severe damage within your system. Many of these valves open and close automatically. A screw or nut is usually located on the valve – be sure not to remove it as you open the valve.


If your main pressure valve is completely open and your sprinkler heads still won’t pop up, you’ll need to move on down the line. If you can access them, check the individual valves for each sprinkler line, obviously beginning with the line that has sprinkler heads that won’t pop up. Ensure this valve is open and not impacted with debris.


Check Your Sprinkler Heads for Debris


Your sprinkler heads are, after all, in the ground and the ground contains dirt! Sand, rocks and soil can make their way into the sprinkler system, despite our best efforts to keep it out. Having your system flushed each winter and spring can help keep your system clear – contact us for this service.


You can easily check for and remove debris yourself too. If you notice just one or two of the sprinkler heads won’t pop up, you may be dealing with debris in the sprinklers themselves. If they’re partially out of their inlet with the system on, gently push sprinkler down with your foot. Repeat this 4 or 5 times or until the sprinkler pops all the way up. Sand and debris can be easily flushed from the system doing this.


Check the Mechanics of your Sprinkler Heads


Sprinkler systems and heads are hardy but a lawnmower blade will still do some serious damage! Your sprinkler heads not popping up could be caused by a damaged head or inlet, the area where the head retracts to after watering. Ensure that plastic or components aren’t missing or damaged in these areas.


Sprinkler Heads Not Popping Up Can Be Caused By Overall Water Pressure Drop

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Contact your local water utility and ask if the water pressure has changed in your area. Perhaps they are doing some construction that has temporarily changed your pressure. Are you using well water? The pump for your well may be overwhelmed or damaged itself.



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